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Our online tool provides a valuable, detailed analysis that is useful to begin planning
for aging-in-place.

Get a general read on your home's aging-in-place readiness and identify common design issues.


One of the things we hate to see is seniors who are living in a home where design flaws or the physical condition of the home creates everyday annoyances or hazards. For aging-in-place, we should realistically appraise the condition and design of our homes in order to make the home as safe and comfortable as possible.

We have created an online version of our assessment tool to help you look at your home with an objective eye. While not as comprehensive or accurate as an in-person assessment, this tool will create a report of specific conditions in your home that you should be aware of and should create a plan to address. It will also show how your abilities fit with your home's condition, and give you an index score indicating how well your home is suited to aging-in-place.

Access to the assessment is Absolutely FREE. Our system will store your results for 60 days--so you can make changes to your responses to see how they affect your results.


Whether you are a forward thinking 55 year old, a senior with changing abilities, or a concerned family member, the assessment can be a useful tool.

You can consider using our Aging Appropriateness Home Assessment to:

·         Evaluate a home you are thinking of buying.

·         Support a plan to update your current home.

·         Help family members discuss aging-in-place issues

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