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The original Portland In Your Home business was founded in 2003 by Brian Bartholomew and David Dickinson as an innovative Aging-in-Place focused business dedicated to developing practical, affordable and stylish accessibility solutions. It all started from a conversation they had as Brian was helping his mother move out of the family home and get it ready for sale. We recognized that not every family would have the time or ability to handle the deferred maintenance and make the needed updates—a glimpse of the wide range of ways that aging and our built environments are intertwined. From that idea our award winning business was formed and refined. These days Brian runs the Portland operation as an In Your Home franchise, building on a decade of experience.

Since our founding, we’ve grown and added to a wonderful staff acknowledged for their skills and high levels of customer service. Our standardized, tested techniques and methods ensure quality in all projects—small handyman projects, on-going maintenance and of course full-service remodeling. Just read our Angie’s list reviews to get a sense of the superb customer experience we deliver.

Through the years, we have added a wide range of accessibility services as well as expertise in helping families whose children have special needs. We recognize that people of all ages and abilities benefit from having better built, more intelligent home environments. As we like to say, life can be easier in your home—through the smart application of universal design principles and modern fixtures and finishes. Whatever your age or ability, we’d be happy to work with you to improve the way your home supports your lifestyle.

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In Your Home is proud authorized dealer/installer for:

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