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Re-envision your environment.

Two rooms tend to have the greatest impact in making life easier and updating your home fit your lifestyle—the kitchen and the bath.

Modern materials and Universal Design principles can make todays baths and kitchens not only stylish, but easier to use and easier to care for. And thoughtful investments in these rooms go a long way to increasing your home’s value.


  • A simple reface and new counters can dramatically improve the look of the home at a reasonable cost.
  • Functionality can be improved with features like cabinet pull-outs and organizers, task lighting and pot fillers over the stove.
  • Modern, manmade countertops with undermount sinks make cleanup easy.


  • Euro-style, barrier free showers are inviting and functional for folks of all ages (we replace a lot of aging, dangerous tubs with these modern showers).
  • Adding safety features like shower alcoves for storage and sturdy grips won’t make your bathroom look like a hospital—if well done with the right choices, they’ll be natural features.
  • Given this is the most dangerous room in the home, these improvements are touches that everyone will appreciate.

Our remodel abilities don’t stop with the kitchen and bath. Want to create a new master suite? Move a laundry room to a more convenient space? Update a bungalow for Mom? Create an art studio, a backyard shop or some other space to pursue your passions? In Your Home can handle everything from moving a few walls and making an internal space more functional for your needs to basement and garage conversions to additions.

Life. Easier. In Your Home